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Flat surface sales

If high end hardware is considered "low margin" how is Apple so wealthy?

Microsoft always take several versions to get their products working right. Having invested so much in Surface R&D, once the design is mature, it takes less investment to upgrade the silicon each generation. Sacrificing the Surface before it's time could end in closing their (physical) stores.

So if they want to attract more customers in-store they could diversify into:

- Hololens experiences. A different experience every month.

- Windows bootable USB sticks (who has a Windows USB stick ready when their PC gets corrupted or infected? Read-only or physically write-locked by default would safeguard against infection)

- Cortana AI assistants, perhaps for the workplace / public environments rather than the home? They could replace their shop assistants with Cortana kiosks.

- Copies of "Hit Refresh". What better way to get people in store if you couldn't buy it elsewhere?

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