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I read that article as well. I didn't agree with it then either. It was written without any regard for causality. People were more likely to return Microsoft devices because... wait for it... it's actually possible to return them. Microsoft actually has a really great return program and while I didn't make use of it, I did manage to walk into a Microsoft store and walk out with a replacement PC in 5 minutes without any hassles. Try doing that at. Best Buy in America or a Curries or Dixon's. In fact, compared to Apple in store service, it was amazing. My average waiting time for service at Apple Stores is 45 minutes. Microsoft was always better. And even better, instead of waiting 30 minutes to get an appointment with and appointment scheduler who will schedule you time with a Genius in 2 hours, the Microsoft store helps immediately.

As for broken devices, I bought three Surface Pro, a Surface Pro 2, a Surface RT, two Surface Pro 3s and a Surface Book. All of them are still in heavy use. With the exception of Microsoft's fairly poor magnetic power connectors, they have been absolutely amazing. (Apple's magnetic connectors were much worse).

Like my Macs which are still good even though I run 2011 models, the Surface Pros last and last. And I run older models because they last and last.

I am perfectly happy to pay Apple Care and Microsoft extended warranties because I love having the long term support. I always buy top of the line models as well... because if you will use it daily for 4-8 years, $400-800 a year is completely reasonable.

As for HP, Lenovo and Dell. I never bought a PC from them that had any love from the maker a few months later. Consider that ASUS releases an average of 1-2 BIOS updates per laptop. HP releases updates... sometimes. Dell has improved, but their updates don't need to come out more than 6 months later... that's because unless you bought "next day on-site service" the machine won't be running by then anyway.

I'll leave Acer out of the discussion because... we'll they're Acer. It's mean to beat up the slow kid.

Microsoft should stay in the game because if nothing else, even though Microsoft forced the vendors to raise the bar, they're still selling "lowest bidder shit". Yes, the market needs $129 laptops for the poor people... but anyone who can qualify for a credit card should be able to qualify for buying a $2500 laptop if they can't just pay cash. It's a long term purchase and investment.

As for corporations, I have no idea what kind of idiot would buy anything other than MS these days.

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