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Microsoft shows off Windows 10 Second Li, er, Mixed Reality

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MS really have lost their way

"We just don't believe, right now, the state of the art in VR is such that it is an enjoyable experience,"

So why MS are you putting such immature technology into the next Windows release and showcasing it as the reason why people should use this release?

What is the value of Windows Mixed Reality to your typical Windows Home/Office user, who will using a traditional laptop/desktop with a non-touch screen, keyboard and mouse?

Given the state-of-the-art, VR and Windows Mixed Reality should be an optional feature pack.

Also given its been 5 years since MS introduced the Win8 UI/UX mashup to the world, why hasn't this been fixed? Doing stuff like this ie. support for VR/Mixed taking precendence over sorting out the UI/UX crap, just confirms that MS really have lost their way.

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