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For the next 'big thing' for most I suggest 3-D printing as more useful than VR. Before the down votes, I do not expect 3-D printing to be all that big outside of some engineering applications and small lot production. VR seems to have the same problem, it is useful in a few niches and basically pointless elsewhere. I could see a some justification in the future for more widespread adoption of 3-D printing but not necessarily mass adoption.

The problem with determining the next 'big thing' is finding a product that either is very useful on its own merits or has significant advantages over previous technology. Any example of the first is a microwave, it is a very useful cooking device that has numerous advantages over conventional cooking for most people. Thus, a device people will accept as very useful and even necessary. For the second, smartphones have supplanted the old wired phone as it is more convenient and useful than the wired phone could ever be. Thus, drop the wired phone service and get/keep the smartphone.

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