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@ AC

AC, while I agree with your assessment of the current crop of Conservative Party clowns, (from an across the Atlantic perspective), I am somewhat sceptical with regard to your focus on the type of degree possessed any given individual.

Talent will out, it is said, and while these people all seem to have a degree of some sort, they do not seem to have any talent beyond that required to gain, and perhaps retain, high office.

I say a degree (of any sort) is immaterial, or as near as dammit. What England, or any other country for that matter, needs from it's leadership is talent above all else. A degree may be useful, but in the opinion of many, it is not necessary.

I have no doubt that some of the readership will disagree with this contention, in defense of which I offer this example.

A hard act to follow, by all accounts.

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