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BBC Telly Tax petition given new Parliament debate date

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Ahh ... the great BBC Telly license comments ....

Lets go through the set, canned responses:

'BBC - best in the world'

No its not. It ws OK back in the 70s when noone, anywhere had much choice.

Netflix + Amazon are serving BBC its arse on a platter a the moment.

BBC dramas have been terrible.

ITV is beating the BBC down on drama.

BBC just puts out thin drivel, derived on whats been popular on ITV (some Downton Abbey ripoff), a comedy where they lifted the cast of CH4's Inbetweeners, GoT (some draongy historical thing that noone watched.

'no aderts/adverts all the time..'

Have yo watched the BBC? Every break has an ad for another BBC program or paying he TV license FFS.

'Only <50p> a day.'

Netflix and Amazon are cheaper.

Can I discount my netflix fee from the BBC license?

The hard truth is that the only people in my family who watch the BBC for anything more than 10 minutes a day are my parents, who get a free license.

My kids dont watch broad telly. Netflix or Youtube.

I watch ITV about 5h/week.

BBC - 0, zilch, nadder.

Being northern, I dont like soaps about cockenees.

I dont like dancing, so that come dancing thing not an appeal.

If I want to watch Dr Who Ill buy the DVD.

What the BBC does to be good as is keeping a load of drivelling, public school types in middle management jobs.

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