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"10% more than what you claim is you current salary"

This does seem to be a rule of thumb in a lot of places, and even when it's not, it seems many recruitment consultants think it should be. And it's idiotic, since many roles have wildly different market rates.

For example, I'm typically an infrastructure consultant and expect a salary in the region of 40-50k a year to perform that function - that's about how much infrastructure roles pay round here. However, when I'm between 'real' jobs, I'll often take desktop support roles, since I can do them with my eyes closed; these will rarely pay more than 28k. I still expect the market rate for infrastructure roles when I return to 'proper' work, though, and based on my experience I usually get it.

A couple of years ago, when I was in one of these in-between roles while I waited for something appealing to show up, I had a conversation with a recruitment consultant over an infrastructure engineering role which I was perfectly qualified for. When I revealed that I was expecting to get 40% more money for the role she was advertising than the one I happened to be in at that moment, she told me that she didn't think that kind of pay jump happened outside of senior management roles and wanted to put me in at 32k. I told her to get lost and was in a properly-paid infrastructure role within a month or two.

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