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I'm going to keep sneering, Amber

You stupid, stupid cow. If you don't understand technology, you're unfit to hold high office, and unfit to propose new legislation that affects tech. Nothing personal in this, the rest of your cabinet colleagues are no better, just a bunch of self interested, clueless arts and humanities graduates, with no knowledge of science, technology, defence or commerce (alight, correction, Davis has a science degree, Fox has a medical degree, but in terms of balance you remain a bunch of people far more versed in history, classics, PPE, and the faux science of economics). Worst of them all is that idiot we have for a prime minister, hiding away from voters, totally out of touch with people, and now (entirely through her own fault) not having a safely workable majority, despite the Labour party fighting the election as a bunch of unelectable marxist freaks.

And it isn't going to get any better. When you wake up and understand that the characterless Mrs May will never win an outright majority, there will be another squalid little fight to become the leader of the Conservative party. The two people most likely to be in with a chance are sadly yourself, and that disgusting rich buffoon, Johnson, with his really useful degree in classics. And all the time you shower of piss are struggling ineffectually over Brexit, where your inherently spineless characters are revealed time and again.

By the time we get to the next election, will the Conservative party have a credible manifesto? Will you twats have realised that the people who do or might vote conservative don't support your crappy energy policies, your moronic waste on foreign aid, that we want the House of Lords reformed to be something useful and democratic, not a club stuffed full of politicians' talent free chums, that HS2 is a complete waste of money. Will you be in control of migration, or will we continue to need to build the equivalent of a city the size of Coventry every year until we run out of land?

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