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Open World? More like closed world: Women sue Oracle for 'paying them less' than blokes

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This is bullshit

Apart from the likelihood that they do not truly know others' salary levels

"At all relevant times, Oracle has known or should have known of this pay disparity between its female and male employees, yet Oracle has taken no action to equalize men and women’s pay for substantially equal or similar work," the suit claimed.

"Oracle’s failure to pay female employees the same wage rates paid to male employees for substantially equal or similar work has been and is willful."

This shit does not take into account that two people doing largely the same work in a non-unionised non-blue collar environment (i.e. no formulaic block pay bargaining) will generally be paid differing rates due to: bargaining ability, productivity and experience (perceived or otherwise). That's the difference in the professional world. You push hard for as much as you can get and your boss' perception of you will either help or hinder you in that endeavour.

Typically, though not always, I have found male counterparts to be pushier bastards that are far more adept at getting paid beyond their worth than females that seem to negotiate for an honest salary and therefore get paid less.

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