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Open World? More like closed world: Women sue Oracle for 'paying them less' than blokes

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Anonymous Coward

Completely understandable...

I can tell you that If you advertise the same mid range IT jobs at market top and market bottom rates, you will get far more women apply for the lower paid job...

Those pretty little things can never get their beautiful lady heads around manly concepts like numbers. It's the same thing with exchange rates, the price of petrol, and indeed the need for petrol at all. How many times have you passed a lady by the side of the road in her tiny pink car, her petite, gentle and feminine face screwed up in consternation because 'daisy just stopped'...

So come on ladies, don't get petulant! Stick to the reception desk and the meeting planning and organising the coffee round, where you can surely shine (and find a husband)! Leave the proper earning to the men! After all, at Oracle, the 'L' stands for Larry not Laura!

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