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And his follow-up title will be?

"Pissing Into The Wind - How I failed to get 100k sociopaths to not be sociopaths"

I've been inside US megacorps: The culture is so pervasive that only two types of people survive in any numbers; the totally clueless/harmless, or the alpha political backstabbers. Initiative is stifled, customers ignored, innovation crushed... mostly by middle-upper management relentlessly getting one over on their peers.

Doubtless well intentioned, a book isn't going change that culture; that dog is too old and too set in its ways to stop biting itself.

The other minor hurdle is that there is nothing to drive this change. Microsoft is so big and so ubiquitous it can't even kill itself - take the whole Nokia thing as an example; create a platform, then buy a hardware business to promote it further, then immediately stop both hardware and software you've spent years and billions on without even blinking.

In fact, I'm struggling to think of something the reverse Midas touch of Redmond hasn't completely crippled (usually without any external influence)... "yeah, if we're really nice and groovy to each other then that WP10/Win8/Lync/Skype/OneDrive/Zune/Xbox/Explorer/Edge/Vista/ME/Band/insert name debacle won't happen again." Yet still it rumbles on.

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