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Baby fell from sky...

From Microsoft's perspective, if a baby fell from the sky...

First check what version of the baby it is. Is it Windows 10 Baby Edition - if not, move along and leave it alone.

Is it running anything previous to the Baby Anniversary update? If yes, we don't support it, so leave it in the road.

Assuming it's full patched and up to date (baby probably fell from sky after the latest humungous patch which forced a reboot of said baby), then next consult lawyers - can we legally pick up the baby?

If consulted lawyers agree, pick up baby, return to side of road

Three months later, ensure mid-level manager in grey suit no-one has heard of posts a blog entry saying that MS only thought of the baby at all stages, and no unauthorized information was gatherd during the 'saving' process. MS did get the nappy size, but the baby agreed to this without realizing when the Baby Creator's Update was installed.

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