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I view Gartner in the same way that I regard the Booker Prize. Both are very useful, but only if you know the correct way to interpret them.

It is my unfailing experience that if a book wins the Booker then it is absolute drivel. Literary masturbation with no point or purpose except to spunk the author's ego everywhere. In fact, if a book has been nominated for the Booker, it is guaranteed to be shite. It is very likely (but not quite certain) that any author who has ever had a book nominated for the Booker is incapable of writing anything worth reading. The Booker is an indication that not only will you demand a refund of your money after reading the book, you'll demand a refund for the hours of your life that you'll never get back (Salman Rushdie, I'm looking at you).

As such, the Booker is very useful in helping one to avoid buying a book that is complete and utter shite.

In the same way, Gartner allows one to spot fucking stupid ideas in IT and avoid them.

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