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It depends, doesn't it?

In the case of phones, BYOD makes sense to a lot of employees. I don't want to have to carry two phones, two chargers, two cables, two cases, and potentially have to maintain 2 calendars, 2 ToDo lists, ....etc. with me when I'm out and about or away on business. You might have the luxury of a 9-to-5 job where you can turn off at hometime, but many of us can't or don't want to.

In the case of PCs, I agree with the sentiment that allowing outside access to my personal files would be a red line for me, but if a client insisted - and the rate was good - I'm sure I could manage it with separate accounts, permissions and partitions. I already have separate work and personal accounts on my PC just to avoid the risk of embarrassment when plugging into screens at client sites.

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