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BYOD, to work would have needed OS designed from ground up for it - basically, two well separated sandboxes, one for work, one for personal data, clear boundaries between them and warning/blocks if and when data or application try to cross them. Trying to bolt on some application to safeguard business data is not the solution.

From a user perspective I also wan to avoid my personal data to be mixed with my employer ones. I do not want my employer to be able to wipe my devices remotely, or meddle with them anyhow. I'm perfectly happy the day I change my job I just need to give back the devices, and no need for them to look at and clean my personal ones.

Yes, I need to travel with two phones for work, but that also means that while I'm on vacations I can leave the work phone at home and nobody will trouble me (only a few trusted ones have my personal number for real emergencies), I even refused the option to allow for using the work phone for personal calls, for a nominal fee. My private communications happens only on my private devices.

Also I need a company laptop to work on site - but they are the right price to pay to keep my personal life fully separated from my actual job, the past ones, and the next ones...

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