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What didn't come out of that summary....

...... was what Microsoft does think it's for now. Which might be the real problem. For the last few years they've been chasing other companies' achievements. Probably since they missed the boat when the internet started to become a thing. Instead of finding what the world needs and trying to provide it they are consistently trying to do what the other companies have already succeeded with. Apple, Samsung and a few others have the high end tech hardware. Google have mobile OS, search, data capture and web advertising.

But Microsoft have been trying to play catch-up by copying each of those. The one area where they were ahead of the market, operating systems, they've sacrificed on the alter of those other aims. Making Windows more like a mobile OS with Win 8.x, introducing data slurping like Google, trying to create a walled garden like Apple. And since their software (Office) is at saturation point they've just messed around with what worked fine to try and make people buy new versions that they don't need.

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