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use MobileIron platform...Users are happy, management are happy, IT are happy.

Yeah, I been a lucky user, having that POS "Mobileiron" foisted on me. Not in a BYOD environment, but even so the blasted software regularly required user setup taking half an hour a time (and a complete start to finish repeat when half the time the setup didn't work), which across a large organisation is a vast waste of staff time, the regular updates are disruptive, and not infrequently bugger up user settings and then screw the network connectivity.

Maybe your 1,000 employees are happy, but I can find you 8,000 who aren't. Of course, it doesn't help when IT departments compound this concept of making connectivity difficult for users, and adopt their own bean-counting mentality, and buy cheap, crap low end handsets (eg Sammy J3) that then struggle with the software, or they buy "on paper" competent phones that nobody in the real world would ever spend their own money on (a big shout out to Microsoft there).

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