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BYOD might be a hipster honeypot but it's rarely worth the extra hassle

Nick Ryan Silver badge

Just four years ago, Gartner reckoned by 2017 half of employers would be leaning on staff to supply their own smartphones or tablets.

...and there's the crux of it. A gartner report paid for by pushers of software to "manage" third party devices in a corporate environment.

<sarcasm>Not that any of us with any experience were in a position to predict that in general BYOD was a waste of time and money and only shifted the accounting focus from one area to another while savaging network and data security. Oh wait, we did. </sarcasm>

For many organisations BYOD was/is acceptable for mobile devices - partly because they are more locked down and isolatable than a PC but also because many users do not want to carry two devices, and often two chargers, around with them. However on the PC front it was pretty much a non-starter from the off and while as is life, there will be a few examples of it working there will be a lot more where it won't or can't.

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