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"Does anyone know if there is significant effort going into muon catalysed fusion these days?"

dunno - I'm too lazy to look.

I'm a fan of using resonance. Anybody researching THAT? In the nuclear physics world, 'resonance capture' applies to neutrons. At certain neutron energies, Uranium [and other materials] will capture a neutron but the Uranium will never fission from it. It may spit it back out again, later, or may just keep it. Or it might alpha decay into something else. Whatever. You lose the neutron and the uranium atom, and that's the point. The idea is to slow the neutron down to thermal energies in as short of a distance as possible in order to minimize the capture. On the other hand... breeder reactors with U238 in them would rely on this factoid, and the slowing down length is MUCH bigger which is why they moderate with carbon instead of water.

In any case - the concept of resonance is *REAL*. Therefore, has anyone discovered the connection between proton/deuteron/trition resonant energies and the probability of a fusion reaction?

'duck duck go' search brought up one scientific paper, along with some links to other unrelated things like fusion music, MRI scans, and so forth. Not very helpful...

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