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Dyson to build electric car that doesn't suck


Hate to beat a dead unicorn, but...

(Who are we kidding? I'd love to beat a dead unicorn!)

For some reason I keep imagining that the Dyson EV will look like the Chryslus Cherry Bomb.

On a more serious note, the only thing that I can think of where a new player could truly innovate would either be to:

A) Give us a decent frikken "battery". (Caps are a-okay too.) Tesla, WTF? You were supposed to make this happen and at an economy of scale. THAT never happened. Maybe Dyson can do what you couldn't.

B) Give us a novel idea of what a car could be, instead of what cars are. Such as what could be done with 4 independent wheel-hub motors, without any steering rotation on the front. (Or something else equally weird.) EVs don't have to play by the same mechanical rules ... but they ALL do anyway. Why?

Otherwise, in my opinion, Dyson's Folly will be just another me-too unicorn on wheels for people too lazy to pedal a bike around.

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