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WDC's My Cloud Home Duo is a natty piece of kit but beware iContent

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I guess they are status lights but really they are just the standard leds on any run of the mill network card, surely the reason they are at the back is that its a bog standard network card.

I bought a pair of Lima's for a similar reason and one of my biggest bug bares is that there is no status light, telling me either it is actually working or giving me some idea of what is wrong. Its all well and good having an app but if the app can't talk to the box then you have no idea what is wrong, nor will support when you contact them.

Surely its very easy to add a status light which gives an indication of whether it is working or at what point the software or hardware has failed. A micro switch next to it (or even something like a reset switch that requires a paperclip to operate) could switch the led on and off as desired by the owner.

It looks like some tacky purfume box you might buy down the local flea market.

What are the options for replicating to another box?

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