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Data caps in the western world are not an issue.

They may not be an issue for you personally. They are an issue for a lot of others - with many countries and operators, both fixed and mobile, your "unlimited" data plans get throttled once you reach a certain data volume [e.g. my cable data gets throttled past 2TB/month; my wireless data gets throttled past 50 Mb/month (I am too cheap to pay more than EUR 5 for a data plan)]. Furthermore, in many western countries, "unlimited" wireless plans cost a a lot more than 30 quid a month, if they are available at all - take a look at the wireless data pricing in the US or (shudder) Canada.

In most of the world (western or otherwise - I travel a fair bit, and I do not see much of a difference between western countries and places like China, Thailand, or Russia in terms of the wireless internet infrastructure), it is usually not a problem transferring a few gigabytes from your base. If that's all you need - fantastic, and congratulations. If you need more data, carrying it with you is frequenty the only practical alternative.

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