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A moral code doesn’t preclude the existence of no-win scenarios. It does, however, determine how you feel about those scenarios. In your scenario, a moral man may have to make a choice about who lives or dies, and that choice may superficially be the same as the choice made by an immoral man, but the morality will determine the ”feeling“ (Attitudes, values and beliefs, cf Maslow) experienced by the decider. The moral man, believing in the sanctity of human life, will consider any and all alternatives before deciding (and will agonise endlessly afterward); whereas the immoral man will experience far less difficulty and may well ultimately decide on a purely arbitrary or brutally pragmatic basis; and likely suffer far less in the aftermath. Ironically, the hesitation that morality introduces here may well end up being riskier to the group than the ‘immoral but fast’ approach; but that’s a topic for another thesis ;)

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