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stating that the Tokamak was invented (in Soviet Russia) to bankrupt the West


If it was anything it'd be Stellarators the other way - it never ceases to amaze me how much new money goes into them despite being debunked as a potential future source of energy at commercial scale. The science of tokamaks is solid, and it's simple (which is the power of tokamaks versus say inertial confinement) even in engineering terms (it's a big vacuum chamber and some magnets at its most complex), what is not solid is getting enough funding into disruptive engineering projects. If there's conspiracy anywhere it's not dropping ITER like it's hot 3-4 years ago. Now the problem is ITER is a giant boat anchor of a project which has left the global fusion community what we call in poker pot committed. It's almost as if so much money has been spent on it that they have to keep spending more money on it and go all in until it's finished. It worked with the LHC and ISS so it must be the solution with ITER. Problem is ITER is being quickly outmoded, and the budget and timeline is getting more insane. It's too big and expensive for its own good and somebody needs to put a stop to it - maybe Trump might be useful for something after all.

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