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I don't get what the problem is...

When the page is being rendered on an iPhone X, the browser should by default render it to not include the notch and ears at all - so just use a smaller rectangle, or - and this would need to be a user choice, say a gesture or a setting - use the whole screen and behave as if the notch was just an opaque permanent region always lying on top of the browser window. Which it is.

Clever web designers could always look at the user agent and re-layout their creations accordingly as they do for mobile devices anyway. I don't see why this needs any special extensions to CSS and I don't get why these designers are whinging about it as they're going to have to get used to circular screens on smart watches and all sorts of non-standard shapes in due course. I guess it gives them something to talk about when oiling their beards and finessing their man buns.

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