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Re: We've already cracked fusion's called a H-Bomb, we just haven't found a way to slow down time.

Yes, we did. You just need some mass to soak the heat from a fusion explosion, which leads to the PACER fusion reactor concept. Magnetic containment is for nerds. Real fusion reactors use concrete and steel walls. ;)

The final PACER reactor concept was: make a big cave, preferably in hard granite; pre-stress the rock with gigantic rock bolts; line the cave with ludicrous amounts of concrete and 4 meters of steel; and partially fill the cave with molten salts to about 30 meters depth. Begin circulating the salts into giant waterfall curtains to protect the walls. Drop in a fusion bomb, detonate. Circulate super-heated molten salt through steam generators, which drive dynamos. Repeat with another fusion bomb every 45 minutes.

Fusion bombs release a lot of energy, but it is a limited and calculable amount of energy. Muffle the bomb with enough mass and the mass will be heated to manageable, useful temperatures, and then you can extract the bomb's released energy in convenient time frames with conventional power generation hardware.

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