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> Dont discount this happening!! But yeah, it is the equivalent of the SNP saying "we are going to do it, we dont care if you agree". And ignoring the central government.

The Catalans have been asking for a negotiation for the last seven years. In the 2015 Catalan elections their programme included as its main point a negotiated referendum, with a unilateral consultation only as a last resource. The Spanish government refused to even discuss the possibility of discussing a referendum.

Can hardly blame the Catalans for wanting to go ahead whether the Spanish government likes it or not.

I must say, I have been in touch over the last few days with friends and acquaintances in Catalonia. Even the ones that I recall as being fiercely unionist are determined to vote, and to vote for independence. I don't know how representative that is of the whole population, but sending in the police wasn't one of their brightest ideas (or maybe it was, I do not recall them being known for having good ideas).

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