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"As UK government is run from London and dominated by English politicians, from the Scottish perspective it's not so much the United Kingdom as 'England et al.'"

From an English perspective Scotland is seen as making a lot of decisions in its own Assembly with its own govt. but decisions involving England are made in the UK Parliament.

I'm not convinced that, had the Scottish independence referendum been held on a UK-wide franchise,* it wouldn't have had the same outcome; the English might have voted to have rid themselves of the Scots. However being effectively thrown out wouldn't have sat well with the SNP.

Not setting up an English Assembly along with the Welsh and Scottish ones was a mistake. Arguably we might have had the Brexit nonsense although I suppose we might have had the numpty wing of the Conservative party dominating the English Assembly.

Home rule for Yorkshire, I say - and within its pre-1974 boundaries.

*Quite justifiable on the basis that it affected the UK as a unit.

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