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Hate it when your apartment block is locked to Comcast etc? Small ISPs fight back

M Mouse

Makes me appreciate the fact I have a choice of 10, 20, 50 ISPs via my POTS line, and if I move to another part of the city, up to 1000 Mbps (each way) for GBP 60/month (about $75 I guess right now) for pure internet service, a small (GBP 3 / US$ 5) addition for a landline number (VOIP) is an option. With a POTS line, then most are probably with one of the big 5/6/7 (depending on who one includes as major UK ISPs), but the smaller ISPs offer services - probably at higher cost and perhaps some better customer service, or are niche and only serve businesses, but we have over 100 ISPs (see

Now although some consider TV aerials rather ugly, with row after row of them in UK towns and cities, fact is our FTA services are enough to entertain in most areas (unless you are stuck in a valley and a local relay offers only say 15 stations not the regular 80+ and several HD). Choose Now TV and you can get several of the entertainment channels via the internet, some live, plenty of catch-up and box sets, or their movies deal, at pretty low cost (GBP 8/month for entertainment, and another 8/month for movies, I think), while Sky satellite will cost anything up to 100 GBP depending on features (HD is extra, multiple rooms extra, etc). Virgin Media doesn't serve my road so don't know or follow their charges

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