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The Constitutional Court says that there has to be a constitutional change to Article 2 (Spain is indivisible) before there can be any independence referendum and that a constitutional change also requires a referendum... a nationwide one.

The king has to convene the constitutional referendum, he can only do that if the president propose that he do it, and that can only happen after a majority vote in parliament.

Because there are the two big nationwide parties in parliament, that's never going to happen. Even if parliament did propose a constituional referendum, it wouldn't pass anyway as people elsewhere in Spain would vote no. They don't particularly like Catalonia, but they don't hate them enough to kick them out either. Or maybe they do hate them a lot and the worst thing to do to them would be to not let them leave. Who knows.

So, whenever this comes to a head, the President always pops up and says an independence referendum is illegal because Article 2.

What I don't quite understand is there was a constitutional change in 2011 during the economic crisis after pressure from the EU which said that Spain must prioritize paying its debts over spending. There was no constitutional referendum about this.

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