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It's OK.

Let's observe how "right of self-determination" applies only if the results are to damage THE ENEMY. The very red one under our beds.

If it is someone on "our" side the right is to have a dick on a stick. DICK ON A VERY BIG STICK.

They Catalan should declare themselves Ukrainian, Croatian, Slovenian, Kosovan, Bosniak, Chechen (from the Dudaev and Basyev days), what else... Am I missing someone? Oh, they should not make any fatal mistakes such as declaring themselves Abhazian or Armenian from Nagorni Karabah for example, that is the other way around, no right of self-determination for those, naughty puppy, naughty puppy, bad puppy, sit where you should.

In any case, "Crime of Sedition". In 21st century. Europe. F***ing hell. What next? Reintroduce the holy inquisition (I know Castilla i Leon have a great form in that one, so probably should not give them ideas). They should have contracted some advisors from White hall to advise them how to rig an "independence referendum" via a gigantic pile of false promises and revert on half of them two years later.

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