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I'm not sure I buy the "computer replacement" thing

For me, iPad (and tablets generally) is primarily a content consumption device which doubles as a communication device and data entry device. For consuming video, it is first-rate. For games, clearly it has a lot of processing/graphical grunt these days for developers who can figure out a touch-centric UI. For people like me, it is ideal for displaying lyrics and guitar chords - and I assume the Pro is great for displaying musical score. Obviously it's fine for browsing the web too. I don't find it good for reading on but my iPad is old and clunky and heavy.

As a "star trek" pad it offers a great way to enter data, an electronic form/clip-board.

For skype et al it's a great solution.

Trying to innovate the iPad is largely difficult due to the fact they pretty much nailed it ages ago and there's not much to change that regular users want. I don't upgrade because a faster CPU doesn't make it better for consuming content.

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