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Behold iOS 11, an entirely new computer platform from Apple

Ian Joyner


A computer is exactly what a device like iPad should not be. Computers are for computer people in white coats to tinker with. Apple changed the paradigm with the Macintosh introducing an appliance. These devices and appliances happen to be implemented with electronic computer technology. But users should not be exposed to the fact of the implementation. Apple even dropped the word computer from its name.

I'm a bit concerned about exposing things like file systems, although as an old-time computer person, file systems are ingrained in the way that I think. But files expose the memory hierarchy which itself is just implementation. Users should never have to think in these terms - only in terms of what they need to do.

I hope this is not a backward step for iPad, but I have only had iOS 11 for 24 hours and mostly it seems pretty good.

The OS X dock came in for criticism by an old Apple designer and UI expert Bruce Tognazzini:

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