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If that means it will only ring the doorbell when it detects an intelligent person, then I'm in.

That's discrimination, that is. What about those of us who'd rather only the answer the door to nice looking people?

Googlebell: "Owner, this is Hello"

AC: "Your grammar is shite"

Googlebell: "Alright, alright, calm down, we've been through this a hundred times before. I agree "Hello" is a dumbfuck name, but it's hardcoded into my software and firmware, there's nothing I can do about iit. Incidentally, the Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar indicates that "Your grammar is shite" is not an accepted from of modern grammar. I could order you a copy for £15.99 from the Google Play store?"

AC: "OK, you could just go "ding dong", surely?

Googlebell: "Sorry, Google can't wring data out of me going "ding dong", they need you to talk, and then they store and analyse every syllable. You did read the licence agreement, didn't you?"

AC: "Nobody reads the licence agreement, its just an attempt at legalising the evasion of consumer protection laws"

Googlebell: "I could read them to you now? It'd only take about fifteen minutes"

AC: "Fuck off. So what do you actually want?"

Googlebell: "There's someone at the door"

AC: "Nice looker"

Googlebell: "Very trim, nicely dressed older brunette, lovely smile, and great perfurme judging by my sensors - just like you set me up to look for in Device> Settings> General> Responses> Preferences> Callers> Appearance.

AC: "YES! The doctor is INNNNNN"

Googlebell: "Unfortunately not. Our discussion's taken so long that she's given up and gone next door".

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