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Behold iOS 11, an entirely new computer platform from Apple

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"So the iPad remained essentially a picture frame that ran apps. And perhaps unsurprisingly, people weren't in a rush to upgrade their Apple picture frame on a regular basis... Because it was still a picture frame with apps.

...I've had just two iPads in more than seven years. They spend their time gathering dust. Given the lack of use, I wouldn't have one at all if the school didn't insist that children do assignments on them."

Andrew, did you draw the short straw in the "who's gonna review iOS 11" office sweepstake? Hardly off to an objective start, eh?

"I wanted to discover how it ran on just about the oldest iPad hardware compatible: the first Air, which is now four years old."

For comparison, how does Android Marshmallow run on a 4-year-old tablet (if at all)?

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