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Behold iOS 11, an entirely new computer platform from Apple

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If sections of the organisation really still want to pretend they're touting a serious OS for doing actual productive work on, Apple should concentrate on forcing people to spend well over the odds for the MacBook UltraThin SuperShiny (or whatever the laptops are called these days) rather than trying to make the iPad an all-singing all-dancing device.

Or produce a 'business' version.

Surely one of the key advantages of the iPad (and iOS 4) was it's simplicity of operation and portability and so made IT accessible to a much wider audience.

You could (and I know people who did) give an iPad to a child with learning difficulties and they could use it: play their favourite music, videos, games etc. Something you can't do with a Windows tablet - unless you want the kid to use it as a frisbee...

Hence perhaps what is needed is iOS for everyday users and iOS for business - given what Doro and Samsung have done to make Andriod more accessible, I suspect these could be the same version, just with different UI skins.

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