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So long as you don't blame the IT guys, your criticism of school admin processes is pretty accurate.

Currently I have parents asking why I have four different systems for booking different things. It would be rude to respond "Do you know how many I have internally?". Someone goes on a course, sees a thing, another school says they have it, suddenly we HAVE to have it, we get it, realise it's the same as a module in the thing we have that we already pay a fortune for, half-ass an implementation to get it to talk to the same databases (just don't even go there), roll it out, give the parents YAFP (yet another flapping password), and then have to deal with all the differences, implementation, servers, licences, ways of working, data differences ("Oh, you want to opt-out from everything... let me just remove you manually from 20+ databases and hope the teachers didn't save your details").

We've heard of database sync. Shame most of the vendors we're forced to use haven't. I currently have... 1, 2, ,3, 4... at least 5 copies of our primary kids+adults database information in various services (everything from Google Education to an alumni software), not to mention all the little bits, assessment programs, website logins for outside services, etc. etc. etc. Of course, they all sync seamlessly and never have a difference of opinion on what's an acceptable password, email, address field (just address, or housename as a separate field, or house number, or is postcode included, does it need a town or not?), etc. and with the exception of Google, no decent import/conversion/sync routines to match them all up whatsoever. Oh, and sometimes data-import/conversion charges every time you want to actually suck in automatically more than the handful of data you could do manually.

Don't even get me started on the people who "opt-out" of communications and then complain they aren't getting the newsletters any more...

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