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Behold iOS 11, an entirely new computer platform from Apple


Wow, lots of the downvotes from the fanbois.

The iPad is still what it has always been, a limited functionality device perfect for sofa-surfing and web-browsing, not worth considering for anything serious.

The latest upgrade further attempts to blur the distinction between the iPad and a proper computer for actually doing work on, and as usual with Apple makes a complete between-two-stools dogs dinner of it.

For God's sake Apple leave the iPad alone. SInce well before Jobs died, Apple have been focused on being a social status signifier and a leisure computing brand.

If sections of the organisation really still want to pretend they're touting a serious OS for doing actual productive work on, Apple should concentrate on forcing people to spend well over the odds for the MacBook UltraThin SuperShiny (or whatever the laptops are called these days) rather than trying to make the iPad an all-singing all-dancing device.

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