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They just keep doing this...

I suspect the house insurance company must absolutely love these things, because you just gave an uncontrolled 3rd party access to your house AND made it piss easy to block the sensors.

You do NOT use wireless for security devices, period. For cameras, you make it possible for a potential burglar to take a quick look if you're at home and where he/she has to go once inside to maximise RoB (Return on Break-in), for sensors, well a cheapo jammer will disrupt comms.

If they think they're smart by triggering the alarm when comms fails you just turn it around and keep triggering it until they kill the damn thing - which will also happens when they're a bit older and the first sets of batteries start failing nationwide.

Last but not least, we're still in the world of IPv4 based NAT, so these things will always need an "account" somewhere to bounce the data off. On what basis should I trust those people?

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