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Got bit myself by the Internet Of Shite last month

I have a Kevo smart lock for my back door..yeah, yeah, but it's convenient to be able to e-mail temporary keys to friends/family etc. A recent software update to its iphone app "forgot" my login credentials. Of course, I didn't discover this until I was rushing out of the house, late for an appointment, and found I had no way of locking the door. I know that all Reg readers, with their well-known fondness for IoT, will at this point have nothing but sympathy for me...

Side rant: why does my phone know about, and insist on correcting, every darn trademark, but can't get the simplest other aspects of autocorrect right? I took petty delight above in undoing its "helpful" corrections to "kevo" and "iphone". Trademarks having rAndom cApitalization of letters or wēird accents is arty wankery of the first order, and an Abomination Unto Nuggan.

...and, breathe...

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