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More are paying to stream music, but YouTube still holds the value gap

Graham Cobb

What has UGC got to do with streaming?

46 per cent of on-demand music streaming is from Google's video website

OK. But how much of that is from UGC vs. uploaded deliberately by the musician/copyright holder/agent?

This is a genuine question. I imagine that it is a tiny proportion. Is it actually a significant proportion? How much? Pointers to published data, please.

I realise I am not in the target demographic (I don't stream or pirate music -- I buy it), but the (very small amount of) music I stream from YouTube is to check out something a friend has recommended to see if I am interested in buying more of it. And I don't think it has ever been UGC -- it has always been a clearly authorised upload, exactly for that purpose. Why would YT pay anyone for that advertising?

Of course, I know that people post video captured from concerts but, again, surely that is a tiny part of the "on-demand music streaming".

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