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I see where you're coming from. you can stil reduce the overall number of monkeys employed.

The thing to think about here isn't what this ocmpanty sells now. thye'#re just making sure thye are amongst the first.

Firstly because they'll hoover up funding, and secondly because in ten years time when *everyone* wants shit like this they will be there, with their decade of experience, existing customers, contacts in law, mistakes already made and learned from, years of R&D etc etc and be ahead of the rest.

That or they'll go pop shortly. I don't think they will though. right now they're probably in loss-leader territory and burning through those hedge fund and VC dollars, but they have a product, are building a brand and all the things that go with it.

Basically hoping they are at the front of the queue when either some law enforcement agency, government entity or private company is ready to spend many, many millions on things like this.

Imagine being at the front of the queue when the TSA, NSA, FBI, or load of police departments decide they need this sort of thing nationwide. Yes. Please.

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