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@ Jake

I suspect you're wrong.

the target market is those paying (what they see as) too much money for several grunts to stand around doing the same thing.

It's a "self service fast food booth", only instead of replacing the people serving you a burger, it's replacing the people selecting victims for pat-downs and screenings etc

In a 24 hour period you're likely to be employing 2-6+ people on a shift rotation to do [$job]. or 1-2 of these things stood working 24/7 for a flat rate, with fewer humans required to do the actual searching and checking etc.

Presumably the screens we see in McDonalds cost more to install than a servers salary, but it's a one time cost. Here, it's rented not owned yes, but it still must be cheaper than employing the relevant number of meatbags to do a similar thing. Remember you don't have to provide holidays/leave, healthcare, HR costs, etc etc etc to a cross between R2D2 and a bin.

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