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"...Microsoft finally had to take security seriously."

And even then it didn't make a big difference. No serious corporate relies only on MS security features, or even on just MS security products in addition to the in-built stuff.

The simple fact is, whichever operating system has dominant market share is always going to be a security hellhole. It's a huge target with the potential for a vast payoff, and so people will make correspondingly more effort to attack it. It's kind of the inverse of the security-through-obscurity which Apple and Linux benefited from throughout the 1990s-2000s, where there were just as many (if not more, certainly in the case of '90s Apple) vulnerabilities as Windows, but no serious incentive for anyone to try and exploit them. Linux's growing dominance in the server room and the IoT has been causing a corresponding rise in Linux vulnerabilities being revealed over the last decade or so, in spite of the fact that it's vastly more security-friendly than it's rivals. No software or system is ever 100% secure, and so people WILL find a way to break it, given a good enough reason to try.

And, for the bulk of users, security is never, ever a real selling point. Ever. Oh, they'll say they want good security... until there's a tiny slowdown, or the slightest increase in effort required to use it, and then they'll turn it off. Just look at the complaints about Apple's 20-times-as-secure-as-fingerprint face recognition in the iPhone X - 'this now means I need to look at the phone to unlock it! Ugh! I have to move my arm slightly to point it at my own face! I'm never buying an iPhone again!!!'. Or consider the number of people you know who have turned off their antivirus because 'it makes the internet run slow'. For about an hour, once a week. Until they are personally compromised in some way and lose out from it, they will not think safeguarding against attack is worth any effort on their own part, let alone spending more money, or actually bothering to research different phone OSes to figure out which one they need.

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