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It wouldn't be about lawsuits, it would be about Google's directors going to prison.

I can see that concentrating people's minds, but given the malign political influence of Google that is already visible in government policy on copyright, data protection etc, is that really going to happen?

Even if a law was passed for that, the US government won't extradite its own citizens, so the real power players are immune so long as they stay out of the UK, the UK government is a patsy for the US government and probably wouldn't have the balls to try, and if applied to UK Google employees, the board of Alphabet would happily throw them under a bus if that kept the profits rolling.

A more interesting approach might be to make the business liable, with the penalty being suspension of sales by group companies to UK customers (something similar can already be applied to energy suppliers and financial services companies). I can assure you that putting a choke around a company's revenues really does make them think. But again, I can't see our useless government doing that, either.

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