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Maybe. But look how quickly Android killed Symbian and the assorted Nokia OS variants.

Android started gaining recognisable market share in 2009, by 2011 Symbian was all but dead in sales terms. Google are sitting pretty for lack of competitors, and we've had a whole range of misfires (Tizen, Sailfish, Ubuntu, Firefox OS, BB10, Cyanogenmod).

However, the dominance of Google Android won't last forever. Corporate history over the past hundred or more years shows that dominant companies don't stay dominant forever, and they rarely see the bus that hits them. When these things happen, the swapover from one dominant product to another can go very quickly. That's something that most of the big US tech giants are hoping won't happen, I'm predicting it will, but that could be anytime between tomorrow and 2040.

Probably your gloomy Android hellscape will be the near term - but I think that's what will trigger the emergence of new approaches, with (for example) people choosing to actually pay more for a more secure OS - not the outrageous prices that Apple demand, but imagine what BB10 might have been combined with low cost Android hardware?

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