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Ok, at least now we're in the same territory. Now how well do they actually work? (Also, those are still over-head headphones, which make it impossible to wear a bicycle helmet)

I've bought many pairs of sub $100 BT headsets over the years. I had subsequently given up and written off the entire technology because Every. Single. One. Failed. The audio quality was barely better than radio. And that assumed I could maintain a connection at all. The only way I could have reliable connectivity was if I kept my phone within 2-3 feet of the headphones, unobstructed (ie: having the phone in my pants pocket was enough to disrupt signal).

I took a chance on a pair of BeatX headphones, and they are the very first BT headphones I have *ever* owned, that didn't give me grief. Were they expensive? Yes. But I have cumulatively spent 3 times that amount over the years on crap "inexpensive" headsets that I ultimately binned. In fact, the only way I've been able to cause connection issues was to stand near an electrical room that puts out almost enough RF to light a florescent bulb.

So go on and be snide. But the facts speak for themselves.

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