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> You can write, draw and shade in Notes, so I don't know what you're talking about.

Yeah, but don't do it with important info. Until learning the hard way, I was doing this too. And then suddenly the drawing part is gone, taking along with it much of the written notes on the page.

After this happened a few times, I now avoid doing any kind of drawing in Notes. It's not worth the potential data loss.

A useful (and pretty good) drawing app is "Concepts":

Works well. Haven't found a good way to export data though, apart from emailing the drawings to myself (which works). The dev's have talked about creating a "Cloud" for people to upload their drawings, which might be useful for some people (not me personally).

On the topic of their dev's, even though I'm a paying customer they ignore all support requests. So, bear that in mind when thinking about in-app purchases. If you need assistance, you're likely on your own.

Still, it's a good drawing app, and light years ahead of anything that was on my old Samsung.

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