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But too often, manglement see a working PoC, and decide that it can just be scaled up, rather than the necessary (and expensive) redesign. To them, it's all extra cost that they can't justify. And because many of the people implementing the PoC, especially if they are using newer technologies, are often younger and less experienced, they're not prepared to push back.

Can't upvote enough.

I have currently a situation where internal customers are asking every day when the system (a banking system of some importance but luckily not Internet-accessible) "will go into production". There is no budget left, the end of "Phase 1" has been reached and the only thing I see is a buggy, unstable mess written in horribad style by too-young consultants who were squeezed hard to "produce something" with no specifications at hand. This is not a complex system, either! A model, state machines, crud operations, and a web interface. Production ready? Uh... come in, close the door.

Luckily security is so tight that it might be impossible to go live. We don't even have a proper local database to do testing, yeah - test data is really important to lock down. One never knows.

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