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I doubt anyone looks at you with disdain for saying you'll "bing" something. As most of them won't know what the hell you mean. People in an IT context would laugh at you though.

It's a funny area. I used to say mp3 player, as I had the rather lovely Rio Carbon at the time that loads of people were getting iPods. But should have said iPod, as that was the word most people knew for mp3 player, even if the one they owned also wasn't an iPod.

My Mum does her hoovering with a Dyson.

I guess Googling became the word because "search" can be ambiguous, "search the internet" is too long and Google were top dog at the time many people were first doing this. Anyone remember the rather sad TV adverts "do you Yahoo?" No! Because your homepage looks like it was designed by a blind speed-addict who hates all sighted people.

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